Every parent dreads them. The relative peace of your home is shattered by a wail, a cry or a scream. Your child is thwarted in one his or her goals or simply at their wits end and they cannot help it. What do you do? First of all it can help to know some things … Read more

Social Skills

After over a year of togetherness with family, social distancing, and online learning, children and teens have a big challenge ahead: returning to the classroom and their social worlds. For some kids, the move back to larger social groups, school routines, and time with peers will be a relief and source of joy. Yet, for … Read more

5 Tips for a Mentally Healthy Summer for Kids & Teens

The Memorial Day holiday marks the start of the summer for many students. While summer usually means lower stress levels without the pressures of school and extracurriculars, it can be the perfect time to focus on mental health. Here are five ways to support kids’ and teens’ mental health this time of year:  Make a … Read more

Re-Entering Work After The Pandemic

As more adults receive the COVID-19 vaccine, the possibility of returning to “business as usual” is starting to feel real. While some jobs may remain remote indefinitely, many of us face a challenging transition back to in-person work at an office or shared workspace. This brings with it the difficulty of moving from the comfort … Read more

Behavioral Activation for Teens

Behavioral activation (BA) is a form of cognitive behavioral therapy, designed to treat depression. It is a targeted, uncomplicated behavioral treatment that targets patterns of avoidance and sets us up for opportunities for positive reinforcement (or “pleasant experiences”). BA is a program that is brief and teen-led. Your therapist is available to provide you with … Read more

Using Reinforcement to Promote Child Behavior Change

From a behavioral psychological perspective, behavior is maintained by positive and negative reinforcement. This means that behavior is more likely to occur as the result of the consequences that follow it. Positive reinforcement occurs when the behavior results in access to something desirable, thereby increasing the chance that the behavior will happen again. For example, … Read more

Telling Thoughts Apart in OCD and Depression

You’ve gone to a therapist, and you want help. You have been diagnosed with OCD and depression; what now? You are down and cannot stop these looping thoughts in your head that make you feel sad, afraid, and panicky. You spend hours a day on these thoughts, and they are making you unable to engage … Read more

Psychotherapy and Chronic Pain

Developing chronic pain can interfere with your enjoyment of life, your ability to work, and your relationships with the people you love. It is a helpless feeling knowing that pain is an unavoidable reality and that no matter what you do, a sensation you hate will be present, or an ability you used to have … Read more

COVID-19 Shelter In Place Anxiety

How Pets Can Help Us Manage Stress and Anxiety

Physical touch Petting and cuddling our animals has a soothing effect by lowering the body’s release of cortisol. When we hug an animal, it can relieve stress and provide a sense of safety. Additionally, when we interact socially with animals (e.g. feed them, talk to them, train them) we experience a release of oxytocin (the … Read more