Coping with Unpleasant Emotions

Coping with Unpleasant Emotions written by Rebecca Suffness, PhD Imagine that your teen is mad that you won’t let her go to a party with friends. Imagine that your child is sad because you stepped on his favorite toy and broke it. How do you react? Your reactions to your children’s unpleasant or negative emotions … Read more

Camp Courage Reflections: Part II

Camp Courage Reflections: Part II written by: Mary Katherine Callaway, LMSW There is nothing more heart-warming than witnessing children and teens cheer one another on with giddy enthusiasm, encourage their peers to overcome their fears by opening up about their own stories of courage, and share deeply thoughtful and wise lessons from their hearts with … Read more

Camp Courage Reflections: Part I

Camp Courage Reflections: Part I written by: Misti Nicholson, PsyD My favorite Mother’s Day gift is the ubiquitous “All About My Mom” fill-in-the-blank books that my kids make at school every year. It warms my heart that Liam thinks I’m a great dancer though, truth be told, I have no rhythm, and that Brodie thinks … Read more


Feel Like You Are Spinning Your Wheels? Try S.M.A.R.T. Goals! Written by: Dr. Samantha Myhre Picture this: It is January 1 and you are excited about the upcoming year. You think about all of the things you did not accomplish in the previous year and decide “this is my year, this is when it will … Read more

How to Get Better Sleep

Tips for Improved Sleep Sleep is something we all have in common. It is essential for promoting physical, mental, and emotional health. However, lots of people struggle to get their Z’s in and sleep problems exacerbate as a result. There are certain things we can all do to address sleep problems. Furthermore, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy … Read more

What is Selective Mutism

Selective Mutism is an anxiety-disorder of childhood where a child demonstrates an inability to speak in certain social environments. A child may have difficulty speaking in one environment (speaks at home, but not at school) or multiple environments (does not speak at home or school). Selective Mutism is associated with functional impairments in educational, familial, … Read more

Is my Teen Just Being a Teenager?

Is my Teen Just Being a Teenager? By Lauren Garfield, LMFT Your teen has withdrawn to their room, the light is off, their face illuminated by the glow of their phone. You bravely pop your head into their room and let them know dinner’s ready, but they don’t respond. You ask what’s wrong, and get … Read more

Social Media, Smart Phones, and Adolescents

written by Lauren Garfield, LMFT It’s a familiar scene: you pick your teen up from school and try asking about their day, but their face is buried in their smartphone, and you get grunts or, at best, one-word answers. You know that the lure of their friends is partly to blame, and the internet is … Read more