Reality Check: Back-to-School Edition

Kids and teens are returning to school this year as adults continue arguing about masks and vaccines. Some students are even entering new schools and classrooms after more than a year of learning from home. … Read more


Every parent dreads them. The relative peace of your home is shattered by a wail, a cry or a scream. Your child is thwarted in one his or her goals or simply at their wits … Read more

Social Skills

After over a year of togetherness with family, social distancing, and online learning, children and teens have a big challenge ahead: returning to the classroom and their social worlds. For some kids, the move back … Read more

Recognizing Signs and Symptoms of ADHD in Children

Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) has two flavors: inattentive and hyperactive. Some children present with one more than the other, and some present with both. What was once called “ADD” is now part of the overarching … Read more

Talking to Kids about Race and Racism

Talking to Kids about Race and Racism Written by: Jordan Levine, PsyD The police killing of George Floyd in May has caused increased awareness of and protests against racial inequity across America. Many parents are … Read more

Top Ten Teletherapy Tips for Kids & Teens

Top Ten Teletherapy Tips for Kids & Teens Written By: Dr. Erika Vivyan Much of the mental health community is moving to teletherapy.  While some parents and providers have experienced this type of therapy before, … Read more

Camp Courage Reflections: Part III

Camp Courage Reflections: Part III Written by: Samantha Myhre, PhD Many of us remember arriving to summer camp when we were young. Just thinking about it can bring back that butterfly-in-the-tummy feeling. Our thoughts might … Read more

Coping with Unpleasant Emotions

Coping with Unpleasant Emotions written by Rebecca Suffness, PhD Imagine that your teen is mad that you won’t let her go to a party with friends. Imagine that your child is sad because you stepped … Read more

Camp Courage Reflections: Part II

Camp Courage Reflections: Part II written by: Mary Katherine Callaway, LMSW There is nothing more heart-warming than witnessing children and teens cheer one another on with giddy enthusiasm, encourage their peers to overcome their fears … Read more

Summer Psychological Assessment

10 Reasons for a Summer Psychological Assessment for Kids and Teens written by Dr. Erika Vivyan A Psychological Assessment is often a critical component of one’s journey toward mental well-being.  These evaluations provide information about … Read more

Camp Courage Reflections: Part I

Camp Courage Reflections: Part I written by: Misti Nicholson, PsyD My favorite Mother’s Day gift is the ubiquitous “All About My Mom” fill-in-the-blank books that my kids make at school every year. It warms my … Read more

What is Selective Mutism

Selective Mutism is an anxiety-disorder of childhood where a child demonstrates an inability to speak in certain social environments. A child may have difficulty speaking in one environment (speaks at home, but not at school) … Read more

Promoting Mental Wellness in the Classroom

10 Tips for Teachers: Promoting Mental Wellness in the Classroom by: Dr. Samantha Myhre  Understanding the emotional and behavioral needs of each student can feel overwhelming. Check out these tips to help promote mental wellness … Read more