Back-to-School Anxiety: What Parents and Professionals Need to Know

As summer heat waves break records across the country, many kids and teens have already started preparations for the upcoming school year. Given the many months of learning at home, virtual school, hybrid education, and socially-distanced classes (or some combination of all of these), students are in for another strange and anxiety-provoking back-to-school season. Here … Read more


Every parent dreads them. The relative peace of your home is shattered by a wail, a cry or a scream. Your child is thwarted in one his or her goals or simply at their wits end and they cannot help it. What do you do? First of all it can help to know some things … Read more

Social Skills

After over a year of togetherness with family, social distancing, and online learning, children and teens have a big challenge ahead: returning to the classroom and their social worlds. For some kids, the move back to larger social groups, school routines, and time with peers will be a relief and source of joy. Yet, for … Read more

5 Tips for a Mentally Healthy Summer for Kids & Teens

The Memorial Day holiday marks the start of the summer for many students. While summer usually means lower stress levels without the pressures of school and extracurriculars, it can be the perfect time to focus on mental health. Here are five ways to support kids’ and teens’ mental health this time of year:  Make a … Read more

Recognizing Signs and Symptoms of ADHD in Children

Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) has two flavors: inattentive and hyperactive. Some children present with one more than the other, and some present with both. What was once called “ADD” is now part of the overarching diagnosis that we call “ADHD.” ADHD tends to run in families as there is a genetic component. If you or … Read more

Talking to Kids about Race and Racism

Talking to Kids about Race and Racism Written by: Jordan Levine, PsyD The police killing of George Floyd in May has caused increased awareness of and protests against racial inequity across America. Many parents are grappling with how to speak to their kids about this complex issue. It is important that parents have these conversations … Read more

Top Ten Teletherapy Tips for Kids & Teens

Top Ten Teletherapy Tips for Kids & Teens Written By: Dr. Erika Vivyan Much of the mental health community is moving to teletherapy.  While some parents and providers have experienced this type of therapy before, for many it’s brand new! Here are 10 teletherapy tips to help kids and teens get the most out of … Read more

Recommendations for Children and Parents: Managing Anxiety and OCD During COVID-19

Recommendations for Children and Parents: Managing Anxiety and OCD During COVID-19 Written By: Amanda Hilberg, Psy.D., Ellie Jin, Ph.D., Samantha Myhre, Ph.D., Rebecca Suffness, Ph.D., Lauren Weathers, Ph.D. – Psychology Postdoctoral Fellows Attempt to maintain a routine as much as possible. If you have noticed increases in anxiety or behavioral difficulties during other school breaks, … Read more

Camp Courage Reflections: Part III

Camp Courage Reflections: Part III Written by: Samantha Myhre, PhD Many of us remember arriving to summer camp when we were young. Just thinking about it can bring back that butterfly-in-the-tummy feeling. Our thoughts might have been something like “What are we going to do each day?”, “What will the food be like?”, “Will I … Read more