Behavioral Activation for Teens

Behavioral activation (BA) is a form of cognitive behavioral therapy, designed to treat depression. It is a targeted, uncomplicated behavioral treatment that targets patterns of avoidance and sets us up for opportunities for positive reinforcement (or “pleasant experiences”). BA is a program that is brief and teen-led. Your therapist is available to provide you with … Read more

Telling Thoughts Apart in OCD and Depression

You’ve gone to a therapist, and you want help. You have been diagnosed with OCD and depression; what now? You are down and cannot stop these looping thoughts in your head that make you feel sad, afraid, and panicky. You spend hours a day on these thoughts, and they are making you unable to engage … Read more

Recognizing Depression in Children

Diagnosable depression (e.g. Major Depressive Disorder) is the most common mental illness across the world. In children, depression looks different than it does in adults. Children often present with lower energy and more irritability. Depression is different than a temporary low mood, regular ups and downs, or a response to loss (grief). Depression in children … Read more

Coping with Unpleasant Emotions

Coping with Unpleasant Emotions written by Rebecca Suffness, PhD Imagine that your teen is mad that you won’t let her go to a party with friends. Imagine that your child is sad because you stepped on his favorite toy and broke it. How do you react? Your reactions to your children’s unpleasant or negative emotions … Read more

Is my Teen Just Being a Teenager?

Is my Teen Just Being a Teenager? By Lauren Garfield, LMFT Your teen has withdrawn to their room, the light is off, their face illuminated by the glow of their phone. You bravely pop your head into their room and let them know dinner’s ready, but they don’t respond. You ask what’s wrong, and get … Read more