Back-to-School Anxiety: What Parents and Professionals Need to Know

As summer heat waves break records across the country, many kids and teens have already started preparations for the upcoming school year. Given the many months of learning at home, virtual school, hybrid education, and socially-distanced classes (or some combination of all of these), students are in for another strange and anxiety-provoking back-to-school season. Here … Read more


Every parent dreads them. The relative peace of your home is shattered by a wail, a cry or a scream. Your child is thwarted in one his or her goals or simply at their wits end and they cannot help it. What do you do? First of all it can help to know some things … Read more

Using Reinforcement to Promote Child Behavior Change

From a behavioral psychological perspective, behavior is maintained by positive and negative reinforcement. This means that behavior is more likely to occur as the result of the consequences that follow it. Positive reinforcement occurs when the behavior results in access to something desirable, thereby increasing the chance that the behavior will happen again. For example, … Read more

Parenting Tip for Online School: Helping with Assignments

Online school has altered the nature and degree of parental involvement in their children’s schoolwork. As children have had to take on more independence, many parents have struggled to know how much to involve themselves in their children’s daily educational tasks and activities. This series of blog posts presents recommendations to help guide your involvement … Read more

Parenting Tips for Online School: General Monitoring

A certain degree of parent involvement is necessary for most children to engage in online school sufficiently. However, too much parent involvement can backfire and hinder children’s academic and behavioral development. So, how much is too much? And when is it not quite enough? The answer is: it depends on the child, their teachers, and … Read more

Grief in Development Stages

Grief is a normal reaction to the death of a loved one, which is experienced across cultures. Grief can manifest in many ways, based on the bereaved person’s developmental stage, family/cultural norms, relationship with the person who died, and many other factors.  Below is information intended for caregivers regarding 1) what grief might look like … Read more

Parenting in the Pandemic: Kids Return to School

As COVID-19 cases in the area decrease, a growing number of children are returning to in-person school. Many children are excited to return to school in person. However, for scores of children and adolescents, that excitement may also be accompanied by apprehension, nervousness, and/or anxiety. There are a number of reasons that children may be … Read more

Parenting in the Pandemic: One Year Later

March 2021 marks the one-year anniversary of the beginning of the end of life as we knew it. Over the past 12 months, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we and our kids have adapted to massive changes in our social, academic, and personal lives. Although many children and adolescents have settled into their “new normal,” … Read more