When Telehealth Works…and When it Doesn’t

Reflecting on the last year of Telehealth practice with clients from preschool through graduate school, there have been many instances where Telehealth is an amazing mental health tool. There have also been some clear examples of when Telehealth really isn’t the best way to deliver services. Based on experience and recent research presented through the … Read more

5 Steps for Successful Teletherapy Across State Lines

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, teletherapy is one of the only ways to continue receiving mental health services…but what happens when therapy must continue across state lines? As summer continues, many are taking vacations, moving, or preparing to go away to college. For most mental health providers, teletherapy occurs in the state where the client … Read more

Teletherapy – A Psychologists’ Reflection

Lessons Learned in Teletherapy: A Psychologists’ Reflection on Practicing During the COVID-19 Crisis by Erika J. Vivyan, PhD The past several weeks have been some of the most rewarding and frustrating in my career as a Licensed Psychologist.  Not only am I managing my own anxieties and moral dilemmas related to the COVID-19 pandemic, but … Read more

Top Ten Teletherapy Tips for Kids & Teens

Top Ten Teletherapy Tips for Kids & Teens Written By: Dr. Erika Vivyan Much of the mental health community is moving to teletherapy.  While some parents and providers have experienced this type of therapy before, for many it’s brand new! Here are 10 teletherapy tips to help kids and teens get the most out of … Read more

Blog Post: Teletherapy Myths Debunked written by: Dr. Erika Vivyan Teletherapy, also known as telehealth or videoconferencing psychotherapy, is essentially using video calling technology to talk with a therapist.  This is a fairly new practice, and as with all new technologies, you might have some doubts.  Here are seven teletherapy myths and some research about … Read more