Parenting Tip for Online School: Helping with Assignments

Online school has altered the nature and degree of parental involvement in their children’s schoolwork. As children have had to take on more independence, many parents have struggled to know how much to involve themselves in their children’s daily educational tasks and activities. This series of blog posts presents recommendations to help guide your involvement … Read more

Parenting Tips for Online School: General Monitoring

A certain degree of parent involvement is necessary for most children to engage in online school sufficiently. However, too much parent involvement can backfire and hinder children’s academic and behavioral development. So, how much is too much? And when is it not quite enough? The answer is: it depends on the child, their teachers, and … Read more

3 Strategies for Promoting Healthy Sleep

During the COVID pandemic, many people are struggling to maintain healthy sleeping habits for a variety of reasons. Our work and social lives increasingly rely on screens, our homes (and sometimes bedrooms) may now be our workplaces, and our normal routines have been disrupted. Additionally, many people are suffering from increased stress. Below are 3 … Read more

Parenting in the Pandemic: Self-care for Parents

Over the past year, parents have been taxed with the immense challenge of navigating the pandemic while also ensuring that their children’s needs are being met. For many parents, this has meant juggling work from home while also supporting their childrens’ online schooling, on top of generally helping their families cope with increased isolation, boredom, … Read more

Parenting in the Pandemic: Kids Return to School

As COVID-19 cases in the area decrease, a growing number of children are returning to in-person school. Many children are excited to return to school in person. However, for scores of children and adolescents, that excitement may also be accompanied by apprehension, nervousness, and/or anxiety. There are a number of reasons that children may be … Read more

Online Teen Social Anxiety Group

Online Social Anxiety Therapy Group for Texas Teens Our popular teen social anxiety group has moved online! This group is a great fit for teens who experience anxiety in social and evaluative situations. Common social and emotional symptoms of social anxiety among teens include the following: Fear of situations in which the teen may be … Read more

Teletherapy – A Psychologists’ Reflection

Lessons Learned in Teletherapy: A Psychologists’ Reflection on Practicing During the COVID-19 Crisis by Erika J. Vivyan, PhD The past several weeks have been some of the most rewarding and frustrating in my career as a Licensed Psychologist.  Not only am I managing my own anxieties and moral dilemmas related to the COVID-19 pandemic, but … Read more