Comprehensive Evaluation And Assessment

At Austin Anxiety and Behavioral Health Services, we believe that comprehensive evaluation enables greater understanding of each child’s strengths, weaknesses and overall functioning. We offer psychological assessment for preschoolers, children, and teens. These assessments evaluate a child across multiple domains of functioning (e.g., intellectual, developmental, learning, emotional, behavioral, etc.) and provide clarity regarding the child’s unique strengths and needs. Contact us at 512-246-7225 or [email protected] to schedule an assessment.

What To Expect

The assessment process involves both the child and the caregiver. The child will spend much of the time with the psychologist completing a variety of assessment activities, such as building with blocks, looking at pictures, solving puzzles and recalling information. Caregivers are viewed as vital components of the assessment team, and will be requested to provide background information and an overview of current concerns in an interview without the child present.

At the conclusion of the assessment process, feedback regarding testing results, diagnostic impressions, and treatment recommendations will be provided in person. We value collaboration and work closely with schools to help design and implement special education plans (IEP and 504) to meet each child’s individual learning, emotional, and behavioral needs.

Comprehensive Psychoeducational Testing

This type of assessment is intended for academic accommodation and modification purposes. The resulting report meets TEA requirements, should the report be used within a public educational institution to qualify the client for any special education services. This assessment includes the following: parent interview, school observation (if school grants permission), full cognitive battery, full achievement battery, and diagnostic interviewing of the client. Additional supplemental academic, behavioral, social and emotional rating scales and assessment measures will be added as needed. The evaluation is broken down into at least two sessions to avoid client fatigue, with the aim of providing the most valid diagnostic results possible.
Ages: 4+
Time: 4½-5 hours of testing (divided into 2-3 sessions), a 1.5-hour in-depth parent interview (scheduled separately), and a 1-hour interpretive feedback session.

Kindergarten Readiness Testing

This testing helps parents determine whether their child has the cognitive, academic and social skills needed to succeed in elementary school. In addition to cognitive and academic testing, we informally assess attentional, behavioral, social and emotional functioning to provide a full assessment of readiness and determine what types of school settings may be a good fit. This evaluation is not recommended for children who are having clear difficulty with language development, emotional and behavioral control, or acquisition of facts. In those cases, we recommend a comprehensive developmental evaluation for a more thorough examination of development across multiple areas of functioning (see below).

Ages: 4-5 and parents uncertain about kindergarten preparedness.
Time: 2-3 hours of testing, 30-minute parent interview, and 1-hour interpretive feedback session.

Cognitive Testing

This assessment provides in-depth information on various factors of intelligence, including factual/crystallized knowledge, short-term memory, abstract reasoning and visual-spatial abilities. Results of this assessment can by used by educational programs to determine giftedness.
Ages: 4+
Time: 1½ – 2 hours of testing, 30-minute parent interview, 1-hour interpretive feedback session upon request.

Academic Achievement Testing

This assessment includes evaluation of academic achievement (reading, writing and math), to demonstrate level of mastery of specific subjects, as well as academic strengths and weaknesses.
Ages: 4+
Time: 1½ – 2 hours of testing, 30-minute parent interview, 1-hour interpretive feedback session upon request.

Cognitive & Achievement Testing

This assessment provides in-depth information on various factors of intelligence (e.g., factual/crystallized knowledge, short-term memory, abstract reasoning and visual-spatial abilities) and mastery of academic subjects (reading, writing, and math). This aids in diagnosis of a learning disability. Evaluation results are also commonly utilized to determine the presence of giftedness.
Ages: 4+
Time: 4-4½ hours of testing (divided into 2 sessions if needed), 30-minute parent interview, 1-hour interpretive feedback session.

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Testing

This assessment includes clinical interviewing with the parent, a full cognitive battery, attention-specific measures and rating scales. For adults, AD/HD specific interviews and emotional rating scales are also included.
Ages: 4+
Time: 3-4 hours of testing, 90-minute in-depth parent interview, 1-hour interpretive feedback.

Comprehensive Psychological Testing

This evaluation includes assessment of cognitive, emotional, behavioral and social functioning. A full psychological evaluation is an essential component for diagnostic clarification and treatment recommendations, particularly in clinically complex cases. This assessment includes a full cognitive battery to rule out any cognitive impairments.
Ages: 4+
Time: 3-4 hours of testing, 90-minute in-depth parent interview, 1-hour interpretive feedback session.

School Consultation/Observation

We offer school consultation and observation services to assist in identifying each child’s educational and behavioral needs in the school setting. School observations and/or consultation services can be added on to any of the abovementioned assessment packages. Observations involve visiting the school to observe your child in the classroom and other school settings to aid in the development and implementation of a plan to meet your child’s needs. We are available to attend formal meetings at the schools with parents and teachers, such as 504 and IEP meetings, focusing on classroom interventions and accommodations. We also offer individual sessions at our office focused on study and/or organization skills, development of homework contracts, and transitioning to college. Please note that there is no reimbursement code for school visits, so depending on your plan, your insurance company may not reimburse for these services.

Time: Typically 1 hour

If you have any additional questions please contact us at 512-246-7225. If you are ready to get started, please visit our client portal.