Group Therapy for Children and Teens in Austin

Social Skills Group Austin Texas

Social Skills group

Teen Social Anxiety Group

Creating Confidence is a skills-building CBT group for teenagers with social anxiety. Our social anxiety group is currently led by Dr. Annette Leija and meets virtually.

Selective Mutism Therapy Group

Fearless Friends is an eight-week skills building group for children ages 3-13 with selective mutism.

worry warriors child anxiety group
Worry Warriors is a six-week coping skills group for anxious children ages 7-11. Worry Warriors is currently led by Lauren Garfield, LMFT and meets at our Round Rock therapy office.

ocd support group for children

Our pediatric Freedom From OCD group is specifically designed for children with obsessive-compulsive disorder ages 7-12. This group is currently led by Dr. Misti Nicholson and meets at both our Round Rock and Austin therapy offices.

ocd group therapy for teensOur teen Freedom From OCD Group is for adolescents ages 13-18.

I Am Me is a cognitive behavioral therapy group specifically designed for middle school and high school girls with low self-esteem. This 8 week self-esteem group is led by Dr. Samantha Myhre and meets at both our Round Rock and Westlake offices.

Coping with Depression is a 16-week, CBT group for teenagers. Topics covered include social skills, relaxation skills, increasing pleasant activities, changing negative thoughts, communication skills, and negotiation and problem-solving skills.

No one enjoys shots, but for some, they cause overwhelming anxiety. Led by Dr. Misti Nicholson, Face Your Fears: Needle Edition is an 8-week cognitive behavioral therapy group for children and teens with anxiety associated with needles and injections.

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